About Us

Aloha! We're Steve &

Salena Billings

We're on a mission to help 25,000 business minded individuals,

particularly retirees (or soon to be) create and launch their own

successful online business and earn a consistent income to live

the life they desire.

It's possible! Salena's retired from a corporate career

and is now a full-time online entrepreneur and Four Percent affiliate,

helping Steve retire from his job too.

We belong to a community of elite-level entrepreneurs

who've helped us change our mindset and continually

give us the support we need to succeed...


Our Story

We've been online now since 2017, interacting in different affiliate communities primarily centered around health and wellness.

We've met many people who've taught us their priorities through their own actions and activities.

These experiences helped us formulate in our own minds how we'd know when we found the right mentor... and we have!

Also, we've learned how we want to provide that type of value to others.

However, transitioning from a corporate job to a home based business has been a very challenging one in that not every "solution" that is offered online is actually required or helpful.

Getting Clear on Our Course

Frankly, there were many times when Salena almost gave up! Thinking that she could just go back to the corporate world where her path was laid out and the end result was helping the company achieve the success that they desired; at least she wouldn't feel so confused!

But that course goes in the wrong direction because it certainly would not achieve our WHY of retiring Steve from his job, creating a business that we could take on the road, then purchase an RV and travel!

When you're in a state of confusion, it's difficult to see the correct pathway. Here's a great quote that sums it up: "The most confused we ever get is when we're trying to convince our heads of something our heart knows is a lie."- Karen Marie Moning

Our Breakthrough

After spending years and thousands of dollars purchasing different courses and leads, thinking we'd found the systems, communities and mentors that would provide the solution to our online challenge of a stable and consistent income,

we finally recognized what we needed.

It's quite direct and simple, actually. We needed something very different from what wasn't working. Instead, we found a mentor who not only provided the systems and instructions to succeed, but is also willing to get down in the trench

and help us when we aren't achieving the goals that we were led to expect.

Today, Salena is so glad that she didn't give up! Based upon our trials and errors, we've learned to

navigate the most beneficial pathway which will help you streamline the process of YOUR learning curve.

Our Vision and Mission

Many of our friends and associates from previous communities, as well as complete strangers who reach out to us from various social media communities such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram frequently call out to us to

ask about what we're doing and attempt to distract us from our vision and mission.

In the past, this would have been the very thing that caused more confusion and questioning within our own minds about whether we were on the correct path, even diverting us from our mission because being confused caused us to lose belief.

Today however, we're certain that we've found the correct vision because our hearts resonate strongly with Vick Strizheus, and Four Percent. His company is based upon the Pareto principle of the 80/20 rule. Because of our strength in this belief, we want to help Vick with his mission to help 1,000,000 and want to do our part by helping 25,000 retirees (or soon to be)

create their own online HUB that is a reflection of who they are.

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What About You?

Dear Friend, if you're reading this, then there's something in our story that resonated with you! We've sparked some hope in the same way ours was sparked

when we finally found the mentor and community

that we've been looking for.

Perhaps it was the something that caused us to keep going and not give up on our dreams of having a successful online business that brings income easily and consistently, allowing us to believe in our dreams of a legacy for our families again.

If you want to experience something real, and truly different, come join us here!

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